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How To Keep Yourself Focused and Happy (Infographic!)


How are you?

The other day, I left my apartment in a good mood. I was heading to Starbucks to start my day with a caramel macchiato (obviously) and then back to my apartment to work on some blog things. After my 100-foot voyage from my apartment to Starbucks and back, I passed the security guard in the lobby of my apartment. She asked me, “How are you?”

Even though I was having a wonderful morning, I responded, “Ugh, stressed as usual. Just trying to get through finals!”

As I rode the elevator back to my floor, I tried to figure out why I had responded the way I had. Why did I say I was stressed? I had no work due, and was looking forward to a couple of days off before studying for finals would begin. Overall, I was in a great mood. I wasn’t too tired and…

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