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My day 1 of 2015…

First day of 2015! Well, it definitely wasn’t what I expected but I’m happy to share that it was overall a good day.

I went to visit my godfather in San Fernando, CA. He had brain surgery a couple of weeks ago. I visited him in the hospital 3 days after his surgery and he was not looking great. He had no balance, speech was slurred and could only lift up his hand long enough to semi wave hello.

Today, he was standing on his own and walking, slowly and sometimes with the aid of his walker, but walking nonetheless! I know his recovery will be long and he may not be 100% after it but I have faith he’ll be 99.9% himself. I was really happy to see him smiling and hear him laughing.
There’s definitely nothing like being surrounded by family and loved ones.

Now, my parents and I are heading home (1 hr drive) & I’m feeling grateful. And tired. I almost forgot I have to work tomorrow.

Definitely a great day indeed!


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