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1st weekend of 2015 done!!

First Sunday of the year is just about over. Well, it’s over for me because I’m already in the comfort of my bed typing this up. It was a decent day overall.

The holidays are done. The craziness is just a bit less crazy and January 4th has come and gone! Anyone else getting that vibe that 2015 is gonna speed right passed us??

Perhaps it’s because I kept myself busy today. I’m not exaggerating either. I went to morning and evening Mass today. The evening one ran longer than usual. A little over 2 hours. In between services, I joined my parents and my little niece at Hometown Buffet for lunch. Then I went home, relaxed, took a nap and woke up just in time to head on over to the evening service.
I didn’t do much but yet feel as if I did way too much for one day. hahaha…
Perhaps because my day went by so quickly, I exaggerate in feeling that the first week of the year is done. But in all fairness, 2014 started out just as quickly and now here I am in 2015.

Hope everyone else had a “productive” day.

Until my next babble!!


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