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Introduce Yourself Assignment

Hi there! Name’s Engie (pronounced like the initials N.G). This is the first time I have joined Blogging U and as you can see, I’m doing yesterday’s assignment TODAY! Lol  I received yesterday and today’s assignment today. Must be a time zone thing I suppose.

Well, I have created a few pages (located in the menu on my blog) that touch this subject but the truth is that I could probably create hundreds, if not thousands, more. I am a complex colorful character. I find many things interesting.

Going back to basics, I am the eldest of three children. I have two younger brothers and a beautiful and eccentric 2 year old niece. I am published poet, an artist, and a business woman. I recently transitioned from the  aerospace industry to rapid production manufacturing(3D printing technology). I have over 13 years experience in Quality and Calibration.

I enjoy drawing, sketching and painting. I like reading and writing. Last month I began brainstorming topics to write a children’s book. I play sports but not as often as I should.

There’s so much I can continue stating to describe and introduce myself but that’s actually what I’d like my blog to portray and do for me. Every blog post is different because as a Pisces, I write intuitively. What I feel, think or imagine gets written down for laughs and or food for thought. Also, because that’s another way for me to keep my sanity (whatever little is left!)

I invite you to take the journey with me. It will not be boring or redundant.


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