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WTF do I start with!!??

Yay!! I finally received a partial of the art supplies I ordered last month!


Why did I buy these when I still have brand new, never opened colored pencils under my bed?? Because I bought them for a steal! Plus, I used up all my wax based colored pencils I did own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Crayola colored pencils and for some projects, my Rose Art supplies do the job just fine. But I have been dying to expand my art studio and I thought these would be great to add to my collection. I can’t wait to try out the oil pastels.

Now the only problem is, I don’t know what to draw/sketch first!!
Grrr! I have a list of cartoon characters my niece wants. Guess I’ll have her point her little 2 year old finger to something on the list and get underway.

I’m looking forward to decorating her bedroom wall (and mine) with my drawings!

I’ll share my creations as I complete them and y’all can share your thoughts with me!!

Until next time.


11 thoughts on “WTF do I start with!!??

  1. Looking forward to what you make 🙂 Personally when I’m stumped I create a 3 category list. One list has a theme, the other an object, and the third, a character of some sort. I combine all three and see what I get!

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    1. Bea, I like your method of creativity. Think I’m gonna borrow it. I usually just create a long lost of “topics” or ideas and perhaps that’s why I can’t seem to get it together. Haha…
      Thank you for the idea and I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it to accomplish my goal this week. I at least want one complete drawing by Saturday.


      1. Sure no problem! I actually read a book some years back about how to generate ideas. There was a statement that no idea is entirly new, but instead you combine two or more things to make an idea unique. it helped me a lot when it comes to being creative

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  2. It’s too tempting–or we tempt ourselves–with too many “steals” when we enter such shops. ‘Better to not look and be happy with what little or load you have. I can easily pile up “bargains” (whether or not they really are) and not put most of that to good use before something bad happens to it. So, my advice is to resist.

    But, where do you begin? Where were you to begin with what you already have/had? That’s a better question. Other than that, there are so many possibilities.

    And, your suggest/bring up another good point. What medium do you use when you have a dozen to pick from? Unless someone requests a certain one and you are comfortable with it/all of them, which do you use? Well, I could do that piece in pastel, pen, marker, pencil, Copic, conte crayon…etc. etc. Overload. And, we do that every time we think we don’t have enough or feel compelled to grab that “steal.”

    I wish I had a wall I felt comfortable decorating with drawings.

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    1. I normally don’t fall for temptation. I bought a bunch of art supplies simply because I want to expand my mini studio. I figured that if I set it up and have a full arsenal of “tools”, I’ll actually get things done. Lol
      But I definitely agree with you and appreciate your comment.


      1. Well, having a full arsenal makes sense to those who do well to manage one. But, if you suffer at all from indecision as I do, it’s just as likely you may not get to using all of it before it expires. I think a wiser approach might be to get the supplies for the project you are attacking. Otherwise, my markers run dry, my pencils get broken, etc. Often because they went so long in disuse. I try my best to preserve my resource materials, though. But, even those start to pile up and make me feel suffocated. Yet, I cannot rely on the internet for resources alone, either. I just won’t.

        Okay. I just was seeing myself and family in what you were saying.

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      2. I hear ya! & You’re absolutely right. I just happen to not remember that when I’m buying new/more supplies. A habit I’ll work on during 2015.


      3. Says the pretty face I know will be struggling with that resolution the next year or two. 🙂 Maybe the best lesson is to lose those tools you don’t get to using enough. Or, maybe you are just luckier than I or some and will have the world at your disposal when you want/need it. Who knows. Maybe I’m just Grumpy Bear.

        But, if you ever get confuzzled on what to do or use, ask around for commissions/offers and maybe pack everything out of sight til demand calls for it. I occasionally do this so I don’t feel guilty when my supplies “feel ignored.” My art is in a way my legacy/family/children.


      4. Great advice Grumpy Bear. This grumpy smurf will remind herself of that next time. Funny how us creative types personify everything and anything. I, too, don’t like feeling that my supplies “feel” ignored or forgotten. Lol


      5. I thought I was the grump:P

        I suppose you do kinda have a Smurfy nose. 🙂

        I don’t know if I worry about my supplies actually feeling ignored like people, but I don’t like it when something I just don’t have a present use for goes to waste. For some, they waste food they thought would preserves forever. How long has this been on the shelf? Oh my! It has to go. Art supplies let you know when they either get ruined or misbehave. A bad marker turns different colors and bleeds erroneously.

        Keep in touch, brunette Smurfette. 😉


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