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Butler’s Coffee

Too many times one can obsess with a routine or become so comfortable with the already known. I have that problem too often. I’m the President of the “I don’t like change” committee. haha

I like routine. I’m simple that way. I suppose that like many, I don’t like the awkwardness that change brings with it. I appreciate it but I don’t like it when it first occurs. Ok, the reason for this post….I’m out of my element at the moment.

I wanted to go grab lunch at Alice’s (the place I used to go almost every weekend with my hubby). On the way there, not only did I take different route to get there but I ended up at a place called Butler’s Coffee. I saw it and thought, “I hadn’t seen that place before. Is it new? I’ve never been there. Wonder if it’s good…and what it looks like inside”. So here I am. I ordered a caramel frap and sat down. Yay me!!

It’s a quaint little place. I like it but I’m completely out of my element. A library is more my style. I can hide in all the book aisles or find a cubicle somewhere in the back.


Well, I’m happy I tried something new. I didn’t care too much for the frap so I think next time I’ll go with a chai tea or a latte.
Have any of you had one of these spontaneous moments?

Until next time. Happy Blogging Smurfs, Monsters and Bloggeroonies!


5 thoughts on “Butler’s Coffee

  1. When I was living in Germany for my exchange program, I loved to go to explore Berlin and find cute places I had never tried just to write something or read with a cup of tea or a cappuccino!


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