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New theme

I want to change my theme to give my blog that spark it’s missing but everything I try, well… I feel like its not the one! Aaaaahhhhh!


12 thoughts on “New theme

    1. I haven’t truly customized it so it’s missing ME!!! It doesn’t completely capture & portray my “crazy” (or as I call it “my funny & creative smurfiness”. Some of my posts reflect it but I need the blog itself (theme) to do so as well.


      1. well, I try to take everything into account 🙂 Different aspects of your personality, based on your tagline, and your about page, and some of the posts you’ve made. You like color, so that’s a must, because it’s sort of a reflection of your bubbly personality? I think a new banner image would do it. Maybe one that has in a collage of things that interest and inspire you. as for colors, I guess you like pink 😀 But i think the background color is a bit too dark. it seems like a mellow tamer color, that doesn’t reflect your exciting personality. Switching up the background in some way, maybe with a colorful image, or brighter colors could greatly change the look of your blog. and if you do decide with a photo for a backdrop, get one in high resolution, and blown up– maybe it can be of places you like to go to or socialize in, where you talk in person, so people can feel like they’re in that setting with you. Like a cafe or a library or something. Just suggestions. I play around a lot with design and color. I’m no expert, but i know that by changing certain elements, you can portray more of yourself

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      2. Thank you so much. I don’t like pink… those are the default colors to the bouquet theme I currently have. I’m searching for a theme that allows for customization of background and fonts, along with widgets and other things. Any recommendations???


      3. some things cant be customized if you do have the paid service of wordpress. There might be some blog things that offer customization without having to go premium, but that’s what allowed me to alter my blog the way I wanted it.


      4. I’ve noticed that. Hmm…guess I’ll keep searching for at least a layout I’m comfortable with and keep customizing what I can to Jumpstart my blog.


      5. *fingers crossed* I’m confident I’ll get something done. I definitely want you & other readers to enjoy being on my blog. Like you say in your posts of the 30 day challenge… “enjoy”. You refer to ur sketches and I feel as if u refer to not only the sketches but the experience of exploring your blog. Which I love. I want to convey that same emotion in others.


      6. Thank you! and I think you do, with what you have– I really like how you set up the cafe post. picture of the cafe. it really made me feel the setting you were going for

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