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Vision Acuity Test


My employer sent me around the block to get my vision acuity test done yesterday morning. I was worried I wouldn’t see too clearly without my glasses* from more than 4ft away.

I don’t like it when they end up writing that my eyesight is good “with the aid if glasses”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glasses! But as a Quality Inspector, where visual inspection is critical to the aesthetics of the piece, having that note, that label, may have customer auditors scrutinizing my work or me or worse yet, doubting my experience and ability because of a false impression that I can’t do my job well without my glasses. My customer’s trust is important to me and I would hate to have them not trust my work.

Ironically, I had to TAKE OFF my glasses to read the fine print. 😮 😮 😮 Wtf!!! Hahaha..

I’ve made an appointment with the optometrist for this weekend to get a new prescription. Needless to say that my wacky wild willy Wonka Wednesday was, well… wacky!

*I have Myopia. I’m nearsighted.


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