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G’day Mate…



6 thoughts on “G’day Mate…

  1. Hey there Engie! I love what you’ve been doing with your blog, and it’s always a treat to go and see what you’re up too :D. On a side note, not sure if you read my latest article, but I’ll be doing a portrait challenge soon and I have a few slots open to do portrait paintings of fellow bloggers and or followers. I think you have a beautiful personality and I’d love to paint you in a way that expresses that. Would you be interested in taking part?

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    1. Hi there Bea!! How are you? I haven’t read it yet (I kinda took the weekend off to be lazy) but Yes!! I’m definitely interested. What do you need me to do?


      1. All I need is a good photo of you, that you feel expresses your personality. Im doing these so I can learn to draw faces better and to portray more emotion in them, so the more character the photo has, the better :).


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