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Sunday scribbles

I got to sleep in this morning and after I had lunch with my niece, my bro & my parents, I came home and pulled out my “Ideas” journal. Here is where I scribble down quick references to ideas I get for either a poem, a song or a story.

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a graphic novel for months now. Looking at my Ideas journal, I see that jotting down ideas for characters, their names, their “look” and even possible jobs is a whole lot easier in the moment than trying to make it fit into a story line days/weeks later. *sigh* [writer’s block?]

In the meantime, I am finalizing my character’s appearance. I haven’t received my Manga markers yet so my sketches are in color pencil. (I may post pics later).

I mentioned to my friend the possibility of incorporating her as a character into my comic & she flew with the idea. Right away she began making suggestions of what her character could look like or do.

So with all my notes and her input, I am ready to get to work.


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