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June 1

Mid-year already!! So many things have occurred in the past 5 weeks that quite frankly, I’m ready for 2016.

It still surprises me  (yes, every year) when June comes around because I usually don’t feel the first half of the year anyway. It seems to fly.

I’m happy to announce that my procrastination in some of my projects is paying off. Not that I condone procrastination but sometimes (ok.. most of the time) I am inspired by that adrenaline rush to get things done. I did work on my projects over the weekend and it feels good to be ahead of the game this time around. Ha! That’ll probably last until Wednesday when I decide that “I’m ahead of schedule” and procrastinate some more.

Anywho, on another note: my coworker mentioned “CatCon“, which I wasn’t familiar with, and now her, another coworker and I each have tickets to go this coming Saturday. I will definitely write a post on it and my experience there. I’m excited to go and hopefully meet Mayim Bialik.

Stay tuned for my first ever documented star-struck moment.


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