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CatCon L.A. 2015

Wow!! I definitely didn’t expect to see what I saw or feel the energy & vibe I did.  I, myself, am not a cat owner but not by choice (My mom’s deadly-allergic!).

Up until about a week ago, I hadn’t heard of such a thing. CatCon. I mean, really??!! Curiosity bought my ticket and coincidentally, it was also curiosity that invited my coworker and had him drive us there real early in the morning yesterday.

Arriving at The Reef L.A for #CATCONLA
Walking towards the entrance. That's a big ass chair!

From the moment we got there, I felt this energy pulling me in. Honestly, it was a good feeling. Though I didn’t know what to expect.


As soon as we got in, we went straight to the adoption center they had over to the side as you came out of the elevators. I fell hard for the kitty on the left of the picture above. So playful and talkative.


We went to almost every seminar they had. I really wanted to meet Mayim Bialik (no, I didn’t get to). But, I did get to see Simon Tofield (Creator of  Simon’s Cat) work his magic live.

Simon Tofield- Creator of Simon's Cat


As he drew, he told us about his smallest cat who's name I can't remember.
Here, Simon draws & introduces us to his huge cat, Macy.

After Simon Tofield’s seminar, we walked around CatCon for a while & came across this delight:

Zoomer Kitty. With sensory technology, it can feel touch & react as a live cat would.

It was interesting to see. I figured this kitty could go home with me and my mom wouldn’t end up in the hospital. Then I asked the price $$$ & decided this kitty did not need to go home with me afterall. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pay top dollar for high tech items but a cat robot, umm… yea, no!
After walking away from the Zoomer Kitty we got in line for another seminar..

Tom Otto of Treetop Cat Rescue (left) & Scott Popjes, Executive Producer for Pilgrim Studios (right)

.Cat Guys of Animal Planet.

Ok, so I’ve never seen the Treetop Cat Rescue show, & honestly, don’t think I will but it was interesting to hear these guys talk about some of the rescues they’ve encountered. Shaun Sears couldn’t make it as he was battling food poisoning. But Tom (left) & Scott (right) were funny and great to listen to. Towards the end of this seminar, we got to see a surprise guest… LIL BUB!!

John Fulton (left), Mike Bridavsky (right) & Lil Bub (cat)

I really enjoyed John Fulton’s hosting technique and will definitely be watching Must Love Cats videos. It’s currently not on the Animal Planet schedule. As for Lil Bub, yea, I’m definitely a fan now! She is so adorable! I bought a lil bub phone case before I left CatCon and I got my niece a lil bub shirt.

I wish this one had been for sale.

Before we left, I stopped by the sugar fueled booth and bought 3 comics. Plus, I got to talk to the artist, Michael Banks, about his technique & process.
Overall, it was an interesting day and I’m glad I got to experience it first hand.


I think I’ll return next year & maybe even dress up. Haha…
Until my next post, “Meow” you later.


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