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Ugly xmas sweater at work


So today we had our “ugly” xmas sweater competition at work and I actually forgot mine at home so I went to the nearest Walmart and got this one. It was the LAST sweater in the whole store!! Could it be that this sweater and I were meant to be??!! LOL  Anyway, I bought a Santa hat to go with it. What do you think?

3rd party pics are so unflattering

I am not photogenic hahaha… or I should say: Ho ho ho

My bossman made his own ugly ghetto xmas sweater. The red dots are bullet holes. Lmao
The bosslady made her own as well. Very cute!! And it lights up.
My partner in crime in the lab went for a “grinchmas” take with a grumpy cat sweater to which he glued on a devil and a sticker that reads “Keep Calm and get your shit together”

I hope everyone has great and happy holidays and a happy new year!!!


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