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Life Blood by Thomas Hoover

The “About This Book” section in my Kindle version of Life Blood was way more exciting and intriguing than the book/story itself.

I hadn’t read anything by Thomas Hoover before and I was looking forward to it. I had read so many good reviews for some of his other books. And I’ll admit, the cover hooked me also.
It just looks so mysterious. I felt as if I had to read it.

Now, the story takes place mostly in Guatemala in Central America. However, the few Spanish phrases in the book sounded more Mexican than Central American.

The first few chapters were ok and a bit captivating as the author instills the main character, Morgan James, in your brain. For sympathy purposes, I suppose.

During the entire middle chapters, I found myself pushing through them. I would stop reading weeks at a time because I found it difficult to enjoy the read.

The last 5 or 6 chapters were captivating. I finally got some of that

edge-of-your-seat suspense

too bad it came at the end of the story. The scenes, the details in the scenes at the facility when the lights go out and Colonel Ramos grabs Morgan had me glued to the eReader.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the details of Morgan being violated by the Dr. when he performs the ritualistic procedure on her without her consent. At least I think it was ritualistic. She was drugged and her description of the events was completely from an Alice in Wonderland scene.

The ending was dull, in my opinion. *spoiler*
Morgan goes to her neighborhood pharmacy with symptoms she doesn’t understand. The guy behind the counter hands her a box and says “take this”. Once she is home, we learn that it’s a pregnancy test and it’s positive!
Why do I think it’s dull? Because 1) her significant other is in Belize at the moment so hearing her give him the news over the phone was a bit bleh for me. 2) because the author tries to create what seems to be a cliffhanger by having Morgan suddenly wonder who’s the babies biological father… her significant other or the Dr that maniacally violated her.

I gave the book 3/5 ⭐ for those few chapters that actually had me in suspense.


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