Read the “about me…in a nutshell” or “a babble a day keeps me sane!” page to get a quick glance at the character responsible for this blog and the nonsense herein.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Engie,
    It gives me immense pleasure to find your blog.
    Initially, I thought, that, I will be here for few minutes, but, I don’t know, when this few minutes became good few minutes.
    I wish, I should have a friend like you.!!!
    Open invitation to visit my blog, you will not disappointed.

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    1. Thank you. Your blog looks interesting. I shall follow it 😊Today, my crazy was tamed but I don’t have that luxury every day. You should follow my blog to see where my imagination takes me day after day and how I deal with my clumsiness and “funny bone”.


      1. I am proud to be your first follower!
        I wish, each and every day, our “Blogging Journey” will help us to become better blogger and more important ‘Best friend, helping hands, friends in need”.
        Eagerly awaiting your presence in my blog.
        I wish, my new intellectual Pisces, creative, inventive, self-sufficient, poet, artist, family devoted, charismatic, diplomat, sarcastic, colorful, playful and most important “Kid at heart” friend will not disappoint me.
        Wishing you all the best……………..

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