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Monster Heroes Book Review

OMG!! This is the most adorable and fun read I’ve had this year! The characters are fantastic and easy to cheer for during their fun adventures. Mina, Brian, Will and Linda are great together and they compliment each other very well. I wish I had friends like these.

Meet the author and the Illustrator below:

I definitely recommend this book. It is great for all ages!
Happy Reading Bookish Souls!!

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Darkchylde: The Ariel Chylde Saga Review


This was not at all what I expected to read. It was better. I really enjoyed how fun and ‘spooky’ it is. The cover alone had my attention in a nanosecond but from page one, I was captured Ariel’s descriptiveness of what she sees- dreams. The entire story, to me, was captivating. There were certain parts and characters that could have been more developed but this is no way took away from the story.

This was definitely an easy and captivating plot to read. I only came across a few minor grammatical errors that quite frankly did not take away from the story or Ariel’s journey. The author’s writing style was easy to follow. I always enjoy a book where you can do just that, enjoy the book, without having to second guess certain words or where the twists completely confuse you.

I am so happy I was approved on Netgalley to receive an early copy of this book. I “discovered” Netgalley roughly about 4-6 days before this book was scheduled to be released on November 1st. I really wanted to have my review up before it was released but ‘Life’ got in the way and I wasn’t able to finish reading the book until about Nov. 6th. In any case, this is my review and I recommend this book with a smile on my face.

Happy Reading 

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Weekend bookhaul 

My hubby is going to ‘shake his head’ at me when he finds out about my little bookhaul this weekend. And then he’ll chuckle and all will be well.

I couldn’t help myself. To make me feel better, I bought them during different times of the day yesterday and today. You know, to give the illusion of not spending so much. Lol…

  • 10 ebooks for my kindle 
  • 28 books from Thriftbooks 

What’s the craziest bookhaul you have bought?

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Bookstagram Challenge 

​I decided to try and keep up with a couple of bookstagram challenges this month (since I completely failed throughout the year). 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and so I figured an October challenge might be easy for me to do. Anyways, here are the first 9 pics so far:

Day 1: Can’t Wait to Read

Day 2: One Word Title 

Day 3: Book and Pumpkin

Day 4: Black and White Photo 

Day 5: Evil Character 

Day 6: Autumn Ombre 

Day 7: Page 31 

Day 8: Gave Me Chills 

Day 9: Book and Scarf

I love October! 👻💀🎃🎃🎃🎃

What month is your favorite? Why? Do you show extra love on your blog during that month?